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    Hi All,

    So as some of you may know I run a Instagram account for hockey news and reviews, on top of that I have a semi personal account and I also have a tiktok which is kind of a bit of everything.
    I do reviews of hockey sticks which I post to Patreon and YouYube.

    A quick summary of Patreon is that it allows you to support small creator content that you like through a small monthly payment. In my case I only currently accept support that costs less then a basic hot drink in my local coffee shop, either £1 or £2 a month, this allows me to cover the running costs for reviews, equipment and my website. What I would like to do is get to the point where I can cover all the costs for the reviews from Patreon and then maybe grow it to the point I can buy review sticks that are requested by the community, rather then waiting to see what I can get from the brands. If I can get to this point then I would be doing a monthly supporter giveaway so for £12 or £24 a year you would have a chance to win a free stick maybe every month, maybe more depending on how often I could do the reviews. At the minute everything is paid for out of my own pocket and I cant really afford to do more then I am. As rewards for support currently I do bonus entries into giveaways, early access to reviews as well as some exclusive content (As an example of the sort of exclusive content here is my top 5 dragflicking sticks article which I have made free to read).

    If you want to support here is a link to my Patreon - let me know if there is something more youd want to see added to it and if its feasible I will add it in.


    My most recent review is the Adidas Shosa Kromaskin 1 - (again it is free to access on Patreon now)

    You can find more for free on my Patreon page or on my Youtube.

    Any questions or review requests feel free to reply and i will answer as best i can.
    FHF Newbie
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    Out of all the hockey reviews on the internet- these are the best out there. Out of all the ones I've ever come across, these have the greatest knowledge, best footage and most useful information on them.


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