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Challenging an umpires call. Player behaviour

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  • Challenging an umpires call. Player behaviour

    Over the past two months I have heard more and more reports from clubs and associations stating players believe they have the right to challenge an umpires decision. Every foot, tackle etc.
    Just getting mouthy it seems.

    Recently sat on a tribunal where two players felt they had the right to challenge an umpires decision. Both stating they had been informed at an umpires information session this was permitted. This theory had spread to their team members and they also believed they had the right. Some of the actions becoming demonstrative from the written reports I have seen

    It was pointed out they could respectfully ask a question and they may if it is possible, receive an answer, subject to play and time available for the umpire.. As the games where not under video review there could not be a challenge to a call.
    So it seems some are taking the video challenge as part of their right to challenge. Sometimes not respectfully or in a friendly manner.

    Thoughts on this please.

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    I coach as well as play and I am clear with the players.... The umpire sees what the umpire sees and you play the whistle, no asking stupid questions about why they saw something someone else didn't. The only time we talk to the umpire is to clarify a signal. If a player believes a rule has been misapplied or misinterpreted they bring it to me and I raise it with the umpire. If for instance you think that PC you just gave away was an umpire error you can ask the captain to request the umpires confer in case the other saw something different, but arguing with the umpire on the field is just asking for trouble. While players are shaking their heads and muttering about injustice the game is carrying on without them.


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      I always state at the coin toss, "one sensible question gets one answer, thats it - no debate."
      I don't ask for questions to be put through the captain, as that may be the GK, 80 metres away.
      It helps to build rapport with the players to have open, but controlled, conversation. No one wants the stiff umpire and no one wants every decision to be a parliamentary debate.


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