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Abuse of an official by a player - In this case a tennis player

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  • Abuse of an official by a player - In this case a tennis player

    Having just watched the tennis from the Acapulco tournament the conduct of the player involved is something I hope we do not see in hockey. Abusive and threatening behavior should never be allowed..
    Groveling apology one day later does not cut it for me.
    I have strong thoughts on officials protection and it seems in recent years players are allowed to get away with more and more.
    We expect our officials to act and be seen as professional at all levels, they can also go overboard on occasions and become over officious
    I am sure the Tennis will deal with this player but interested on thoughts from within our sport.

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    Abuse of any on the pitch should be dealt with harshly in my view, doubly so when it's an official giving up their time to help us play. That said, I don't think hockey has a big problem with it - certainly the leagues I've played in any form of dissent or backchat has been shut down quickly and not escalated. Never seen anything with foul language or personal abuse towards umpires, and hope I never do. Maybe I've just been lucky to play in 'clean' leagues though.

    The thing I really don't like which seems to be growing more and more in our sport is the appealing and trying to debate decisions. Get on and play the game, stop waving your arm around and shouting 'foot foot' - if the umpire has seen it they will blow it, if they haven't seen it (or aren't going to blow it) acting like a footballer isn't going to change their minds. Ditto trying to debate a decision and why it shouldn't really be a PC etc. The decisions been made, it isn't going to change (no matter how unjust you think it is), just get your head on, defend it and get back in the game.


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      Generally most players and teams are well behaved, but have seen instances
      Had a player that was sinbinned and reported to the tech bench. I was the person in charge of the Tech bench. On arrival he stated he had the right to challenge/argue an umpires decision as he stated was told at an umpire session
      I politely pointed out he could ask a question respectfully but not the right to challenge/argue. Also said if the presenter had used those words they where wrong.


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        I blame the proliferation of football in the media which to some extent sets a society standard. In the media in football we see all the things we hate and rarely, if ever, do the pundits query it rather they join in with the heavy debate and questioning of the match officials. I have been around this wonderful sport of ours for over fifty years and my unstatistically proven view is that more and more younger players are getting more and more poorly behaved, and sadly this is not put down by coaches strongly enough., far too much pressure on results and not enjoyment. Umpires need to be firm, and fair early in matches and get a grip, much more rarely then do problems persist. Of course there are poor umpires but as Waxy says, just get on and play the game.


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