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Confidence in training vs matches

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  • Confidence in training vs matches

    I see this quite often so thought we could start a discussion around it.

    A lot of players (particularly younger ones), have great skills during training and even matches at training. However, whenever it comes to competitive weekend matches, they look like a completely different player with little confidence.

    What advice would you give to these players? Very keen to hear some coaches opinions on this too

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    Not usual as it happens at all ages, including Masters
    Have a look at the intensity of training
    The old adage of training harder than you play still applies
    Ensure that your small sided games (SSG) are competitive
    Overloading so one side has more players
    Any drills you employ should start off non competitive so the concept is delivered
    Then add defenders or attackers into the drill
    Vary whether the attacking or defensive unit is overloaded
    Wombat, current New Zealand Over 35s Coach


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