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polycarbonate throat guards

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  • polycarbonate throat guards

    For a grays G600 helmet, what are the options? Thanks.

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    Not sure I entirely understand the product you are asking about. There are three types of throat guards:
    - wrap arounds - foam velcro collar which fits next to the skin GRAYS Unisex's Nitro Neck Guard, Black/Fluo Yellow, One Size : Sports & Outdoors
    - 'danglies' - smaller than A5 size plastic plate that you tie to the front of your cage - protects the front of your throat, but is only loosely attached Grays Goalie Throat Sheild Goalkeeper Pvc Covered Protection Guard Throat Cover : Sports & Outdoors
    - Lexans - a "C" shape of plastic which ties to the face cage and hangs along the jaw line of your helmet (tied under each ear and at the chin)- doesn't wave around much and protects front and sides. Bauer Goalie Throat Protector Senior (

    It is personal preference as to which you / your daughter prefers wearing. All will offer protection to some degree - I believe (but couldn't show you evidence) that Lexans are the most protection, whilst wrap arounds are the least. But whichever you go for I would encourage you to get one. Whilst it is very rare to get a shot to the throat, it can also be very serious if it does happen.

    Personally I use a Lexan (the Bauer in the link above). Used to have a wrap around but was hot and itchy. Never liked danglies as they got in the way when diving and rattled around on my chest pad - might be that I just never fitted them right.

    All three styles of protector are generic and should work with any brand of helmet (just pick the appropriate junior or senior sizing). I've had my Bauer attached to an OBO CK helmet since 2014 and other than being a bit scuffed it is still doing its job so pretty good value for money.

    If it's a Lexan you are after they are actually ice hockey keepers kit, but in the UK you can look at somewhere like 'puckstop' for a few options Ice Hockey Goalie Throat Protectors From A&R Lexan, CCM & Hejduk (


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      Waxy Thanks for this.

      She’s got a wrap around currently. She’s got curly hair and the velcro pulls at the fine hairs at the neck line, until, that is, it spins round and the closure starts snagging at the front 🙄

      Danglies do look like they could be annoying because of the rattling. There’s plenty of pictures online of obo helmets with Lexans but I wasn’t certain what would fit hers. I’m grateful for your steer and will get a Bauer one for upcoming birthday.



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